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Executive Development Training

From the beginning of Tribal Gaming, many tribes have had the goal to have tribal members in manager, director, and executive positions within the casino. Nobody has a more vested interested in the success of a business than those who benefit directly from the success of the company. We believe in this philosophy. Unfortunately, putting an employee in a key position before they are ready sets the employee up for failure and hurts the casino.
In 2013, we rolled out our Executive Development Program nation wide, designed to develop tribal members to hold key positions within the casino. Classes will give students the real world knowledge required to successfully run, monitor and evaluate each department within the casino. The program includes gaming operations and all back of the house departments.
Executive Development- Tribal members or designated employees being developed for executive positions will attend each course within the program. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of each course. When all courses have been completed within the executive program, a program completion certificate will be awarded.
Director/Manager Development- Tribal members or designated employees being developed for department di-rector or manager positions will attend the appropriate courses to develop their operational and analytics skills. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of each course. When all courses have been completed within the director/manager program, a program completion certificate will be awarded.
The courses and programs have been designed and will be taught by industry experts in accordance with best industry practices. This is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive and productive programs ever developed within our industry.

TICS Package

Tired of exhausting your resources to develop your TICS?

Your worries are over! We've developed them for you! MICS, TICS, AML/BSA requirements & industry's best practices ALL incorporated into ONE document for you! It's that simple! 

We will review the regulatory and operational processes and templates for creating and testing effective systems to protect tribal assets by increasing and adjusting the depth and breadth of controls, as the standards change from MICS to TICS to SICS.
The system fails when the TICS are nothing more than a restatement of the MICS, the TICS are simply a verbatim version of the MICS, or the regulatory controls unduly infringe on operational decisions. Further, the system fails when the controls do not extend to critical topics that are outside the subject matter of MICS. As we have seen, many think they have the appropriate implementation, until we point out the glaring deficiencies.
IGS uses NIGC 543 MICS standards as the foundation document and incorporate current MICS and relevant Ordinance and appendices controls, and any other relevant regulatory documents into the 543 MICS to refine it to an industry leading Gaming Commission TICS.
FinCEN BSA/AML regulatory requirements, IRS requirements, and controls to address known threats to operations will be incorporated.
Employees attending this workshop will get hands on training and clarification of the MICS, TICS and SICS process and electronic samples of effective TICS to finalize your processes once and for all.


Game Protection Certification Program Level I, II & III

Surveillance, Investigators, Agents, Gaming Commission, Compliance and Managers will un-derstand how to protect company assets after successfully completing this one-of-a-kind
Asset Protection Certification Program.

The purpose of this training is to establish a standard level of knowledge that is verified through testing. This gives Casino Executives the confidence to know what skill their employees possess. This is the most current and effective Asset & Game Protection certification training in the industry. Students will practice counting cards everyday when returning from breaks. We have seen for many years casinos training employees on asset protection and counting cards but there has always been a disconnect. Employees could not then apply those techniques to a live game or investigation. This course is designed to give employees the techniques to identify and deter current scams in each department and to learn to apply basic strategy and card counting techniques to a live game. The end result, the students will be able to identify average players, advantage players, scams and idiot players. They will be able to protect Tribal Assets.

BSA/AML Audit Preparation

Are you ready for the BSA/AML Audit? 

Average fine is $150,000!! 


The IRS has stepped up its efforts at monitoring Tribal casino BSA compliance, and plans to continue and expand these audits on a three to four year rotation. Casinos that have been identified as “problem” or “uncooperative” can, however, expect more frequent visits.
Casinos are being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s true! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be Prepared! Title 31 is only one part of the compliance require-ments.
Even with internal audits being performed, there is a definite disconnect between what the IRS and FinCEN are looking for and what internal auditors look for.

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Training Retreats

for Tribal Council, Business
Committee and/or Gaming Commission.

Imagine a secluded, stress free retreat where you can take your Tribal Council , Business Committee and/or Gaming Commission for a get-a-way giving you the opportunity to offer these key individuals with the custom training pertinent to your current structure.

  • Let us organize your retreat and customize it to your needs. Enjoy a tropical paradise or a winter wonderland. Enjoy fun activities or relax in quiet serenity. In depth training or just an overview of key is-sues your tribe is facing. We can plan the entire event based on your budget and instructions.

  • Like to organize your own? No problem, we can accommodate any training requests and make the training portion of your retreat not only beneficial for your business but also interesting and fun.

Hosted Events

Do you have a training facility and want to show off your property? Give us a call. We hold hosted events each quarter at casinos throughout the US and invite other properties to come to the training. It is a win/win for everyone involved.


Food & Beverage

Training and Audits

Are you losing money in your Food and Beverage areas? Are you being told “it is a loss leader” as an excuse to justify inefficiencies? If so, you have a bleeding wound to your tribal asset, that is unacceptable.
Innovative Gaming Solutions has performed more than 50 restaurant audits in casinos in the past 2 years. We have had great success at identifying what is causing the losses, implementing fixes to improve operations and profits, & to put the proper analytics in place so executives & tribal leaders can see true operational performance. We also train the staff to do the job they are hired to do & the results have been tremendous. Our training and audits include:

Food Costing Retention
Menu Costing 
Menu Mix Creation & Recipe Cards 
Create a Cost Specification Sheet 
Determining Food Cost Percentage for the Menu & Menu Items 
Provide an Excel Spreadsheet to determine Food Cost Variances 
Train to Investigate the Causes of Food Cost Variance
Food Preparation to Reduce Waste
Utilize Portion Controls 
Food Storage Areas 


Kitchen Operations Auditing and Records
Track & Investigate Food Waste and Spoilage 
Performing Inventory Counts Properly 
Audit by Cross Referencing Documents 
Using Inventory Counts to Detect Pilferage 
Separation of Duties of the Kitchen Staff 
Order Entry Safeguards within the Kitchen
Rotating Stock Controlling Access During Operation
Evaluate Fixed Assets & Budgeting 


Documentation: Creating, Tracking and Cross-Referencing Documents of the following areas: 

*Guest Discounts*Guest Comps*Cashier Registers*Guest Checks Against Bar Orders*Guest Checks Against Food Orders*Guest Checks Against Register Reports*Employee Discounts*Purchase Orders Process-es*Paperwork*Packing Slips*Invoices*Inventory Tracking & Reporting,*Spoilage/Waste/Breakage Re-ports*Tracking Overages & Shortages

Contract Negotiations

This training will help you avoid signing away your sovereignty, assist you in negotiating the best rates and will show you the effective use of a Vendor Audit Clause.

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