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Featured Services

Complete List of Services

Assistance In Becoming Self Regulated (G.C. & Operations)
New Opening Development Agreements (G.C. & Operations)
Operational Efficiency Evaluations & Proven Recommendations-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Complete P&Ps & TICS Package Incorporating 542, 543, 547 BSA/AML & Best Industry Business Practices. (for G.C. & Operations)
Emergency Preparedness, Risk Assessment, Plan Development & Grant Writing-all department (for G.C. & Operations)
Risk Assessment– all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Marketing Department, Player’s Club & Comp Audits. (for G.C. & Operations)
Food & Beverage Evaluations with Analytic Setup. (for G.C. & Operations)
Managing By Snapshot-Reporting Setup, Analytics-all departments (G.C. & Operations)
Investigations/Audits/Evaluations Resulting From Fraud, Waste or Abuse-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Grant Writing and Assistance (for G.C. & Operations)
Departmental Development Agreements-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Feasibility Studies-all departments (for G.C., Technical & Operations)
Contract Negotiations & Analysis (for G.C. & Operations)
BSA/AML Plan, Package & Development-Title 31, MICS, FinCen & Best Industry Practices. (for G.C. & Operations)
Construction Audits (for G.C. & Operations)
Secret Shopping Services With Proven Results & Recommendations-all departments. (for G.C. & Operations)
Slot Analytics, Set Up & Reporting (for G.C. & Operations)
Interim Restructure Services: Consulting/Management (for G.C. & Operations)
Community Development-domestic violence & substance abuse
Purchasing and Procurement Audits, RFP & Development (for G.C. & Operations)
Interim Onsite Gaming Commissioner Agreements (for G.C.)
Event/Conference/Training Planning (for G.C. & Operations)
Craps/Roulette/Blackjack/Texas Hold’em Development and Feasibility Studies (for G.C. & Operations)
Domestic Violence In The Workplace Policy/Program Development

Expectations & Requirements For Becoming Self Regulated (for G.C. & Operations)
Developing Effective TICS-includes 542,543 & 547, BSA/AML, Best Industry Practices (for G.C.)
Level I, II, III Game Protection Certification Training (for G.C.)
BSA/AML Audit Preparation & Compliance-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Cheats & Performing Investigations-all departments customers/employees (for G.C.)
Back Of The House Effective Internal Investigations (for accounting, auditors, investigators, surveillance & managers.)
Level I & II Revenue Audit (for G.C. & Operations)
Emergency Preparedness Training, Round Table, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity & Mitigation-Developing and Writing Your Plan-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Active Killer/Work Place Violence Red Flags and Assessment
Executive Development Program-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Players Tracking, Comp & Marketing Training & Evaluations (for G.C. & Operations)
Reporting & Analytics-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Performing Effective Investigations & Audits-ALL departments (for G.C.)
Contract Negotiations & Analysis-all departments (for G.C. & Operations)
Food & Beverage Evaluation, Set-up & Training (for G.C. & Operations)
Table Games Solutions/Protection Training & Evaluations (for G.C. & Operations)
Employee Discipline, Conflict Resolution, Morale, Work Place Violence, Domestic Violence & Personal Development-all departments
Customer Service: Front Line & Management Training-all department (for G.C. & Operations)
Gaming Floor Training, Layout & Proper Analysis (for G.C. & Operations)
Level I & II Gaming Commission Certification Program
Report Writing (G.C., Compliance & Surveillance)
Developing Working Relationships Between Tribe, Commission & Operations
Purchasing and Procurement, Three Bid Process Training (for G.C. & Operations)
Conducting Construction Audits/Evaluations In-House (for G.C.)
Slot Variances and Promotions (for G.C. & Operations)
Craps/Roulette/Blackjack/Texas Hold’em Training (Dealer, G.C. & Surveillance)
Domestic Violence In The Workplace Training on Policy/Program Development

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